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Our Products

We offer a unique range of responsible
packaging solutions

Welcome to our exclusive range of high-quality food packaging solutions thoughtfully designed to address the needs of the Catering and Retail F&B industries. With a commitment to sustainability, safety, practicality, and excellence, along with rigorous testing for quality, our products enhance customer satisfaction through efficient serving and excellent preservation of food and beverages while promoting environmental stewardship.

Our Bagasse Plates and Take-Away Containers, made from renewable sugarcane fibers, provide an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic packaging. Our Recyclable PET Cups (RPET) and Paper Cups, along with their easy to fasten spill-free matching Lids, ensure that your clients can safely relish their favourite beverages without compromising the environment.

Elevate the quality of your catering services with our refined Crystal Glasses that exude sophistication, while our PS Reusable Cutlery and Wooden Cutlery & Stirrers combine practicality, user satisfaction and eco-consciousness. Similarly, our PP Reusable and Paper Food Containers offer durable, sustainable, safe food storage and delivery solutions.

Join us in making a positive impact through sustainable and safe food packaging and experience the benefits of quality and sustainability in your business. Together, let’s create a brighter future for the Catering and Retail F&B industry.

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